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Socality "Socality Photography 101"
Tutorial Videos

As part of the Socality team, I'm in charge of almost all of our video content, which varies from events videography to this serial Photography Workshop that we launched in November 2017. Over the course of several months, I was responsible for story-boarding, planning, filming, and editing this online course designed to offer expert knowledge, tools, and support to the Socality community to create beautiful and diverse imagery. The final product include two promotional trailers, an 8-module e-course totalling 2.5 hours of video content, and an accompanying PDF text to support users. The course has sold to aspiring creatives all over the world, and their resulting images continue to be shared across dedicated Facebook groups, through the #SocalityPhotography hashtag on Instagram, and various other social media platforms. 

Client: Socality
Filming and Editing: Davey Gravy
Production: Jonathon Zoeteman
Sound: Matthew Zoeteman
Teachers: Scott Bakken, Tanner Wendell Stewart and Paul Tellefsen